Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery Repairs Leicestershire

The standard restringing charges include a basic clasp (if appropriate), the stringing material itself and the labour charges; I always need to see and analyse a piece of jewellery before I can quote for any repairs, especially if replacement beads or alternative clasps are required. Similarly, more minor repairs that don’t require restrings will often cost less, so it’s always worth letting me cast my eye over it.

Occasionally I encounter pieces of jewellery that upon first inspection are relatively simple to repair, but once started the repair may prove itself to be very difficult or even impossible to repair. In these instances I will always get in touch with you to discuss your options before going any further with it. I can often modify difficult pieces of jewellery into something more suitable or attractive.

Postal Repairs Service

As the jewellery repair service is a service I run from home I can only accept repairs via the post. It’s best if I can see a photo of the item, or, if you can not provide a photo, a good description will help me to tell you whether the repair can be done for you. I would then ask that you send the item securely packaged; it is advised that you send the item by recorded delivery so that you can obtain proof the item has been delivered to us.

Upon receipt of the item I will contact you if there is any change to the quote provided by email for the repairs. If this is acceptable then we will repair the item and, once complete, we will contact you for payment. We accept payment via PayPal invoice, you do not have to have a PayPal account to pay this way as you can pay with any credit or debit card.

Postage charges are £1.95 for second class and £2.95 for first class return postage. If you would prefer the item sending by recorded delivery, which is advisable, then it is an extra £1 per option.

Unfortunately, I can not be held responsible for any losses or damages in the post so sending items for repair is undertaken at the customers own risk.

Stringing Materials

I work with a variety of stringing materials for your jewellery repair. I will make my recommendations based on the type of jewellery, the beads used and the intended frequency of wear. This can result in one or a combination of the following example materials:

  • Tigertail Thread (or Beadalon Thread) secured with crimp beads
  • Crystal Tek elasticated cord
  • Monofilament (also known as Illusion Cord)
  • Waxed Cotton Cord or other synthetic/natural cords
  • KO Beading Thread for stitched beadwork
  • Fireline beading thread for extra strength in stitched bead weaving projects

Replace your clasps with Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are, for some, a revelation! They are a great way of making difficult-to-close pieces of jewellery work for you, especially if you have difficulty with fiddly lobster clasps, bolt rings or toggle clasps. Replacing clasps can often be done without having to restring the whole necklace and is therefore a cost effective way of making jewellery easier to wear.  I offer a variety of magnetic clasps, and I’ll always offer my opinion based on your particular needs as to which would be most appropriate.

Upcycled Jewellery

Found an old piece of jewellery that has the potential to be something great, but currently isn’t working? Or have you been following our advice on scouring charity shops and car boot sales for old jewellery? Either way, I can create a stunning piece of jewellery out of existing one or a handful of components! My design advice is always free; I only ever charge you for the work I do in putting your jewellery together, and I’ll always quote you for my services.